My Wants List


Please see below for programmes I am still hoping to acquire. These programmes must be of the highest quality, certainly without any form of fold or writing. I also wish to avoid very rusty staples and there must not be any staining. Tokens must still be in place where applicable. Obtaining some of the older programmes in this condition may be difficult though any information would be much appreciated. If you feel you can help with any of these, please let me know. Please don't hesitate to phone. Many thanks.......Giorgio.

Contact info:
Giorgio Pin
Phone - 020 3581 4540 (London, UK)

Other Things



European Cup Finals


1956 Real Madrid v Stade Reims
1958 Real Madrid v AC Milan
1973 Ajax v Juventus


Fairs/UEFA Cup Finals


1958 Barcelona v London
1963 Valencia v Dynamo Zagreb
1975 FC Twente v BMG
1977 Athletic Bilbao v Juventus
1985 Videoton v Real Madrid


Big Match

Other Programmes