The 1977 European Cup Final Programme


Welcome to this guide. First of all, I hope that you may find the following helpful and that it may answer any questions that you may have. This guide will not be as extensive as my guide on the 1966 World Cup Final programme reprint. This is largely due to the fact that there is not so much information to sift through.

Many original programmes for this fixture that I have come across have telltale scuff marks running across the cover of the programme. This has been caused during the printing process. Here is a picture of an original programme. Please note that there is a lot of scuffing down the edge of the spine which isn't evident in the scan. I hope that the scuffing can be seen ok as it is very clear when looking at the programme directly.

I understand that there are two reprints for this programme. I do not know when the first one was produced but it is identical to the original in all respects as I remember although it does not have the telltale scuff marks. 'Reproduction' is clearly stated on the inside of the front cover I have been informed. If anyone could let me know what year this reprint was produced it would be much appreciated.

The later reprint was produced more recently and is very easy to spot. It has a glossy appearance and is ever so slightly smaller than the original by about one or two mm each side. Most noticeably is the fact that it has been cropped short at the bottom of the programme leaving the last line of writing very close to the bottom edge of the programme. Here is a picture of the later reprint.


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