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This is a new step for me. Since starting collecting programmes over ten years ago, things have progressed to the point where I am now interested in purchasing unwanted programmes. If you would like to sell your collection, or single item, please get in contact, either by email or phone.

I am far from an expert and there is a lot I don't know about prices/values but am particularly interested in European Final programmes. With regards to other programmes, I would generally not consider anything after 1970 but please don't hesitate to enquire. Also, condition is relevant for me. If you can give details of any writing, rust, folds or bits cut out etc. that would help greatly as this all affects value significantly.

If you could possibly make up a list of what you have and send it to me, that would help greatly It is in your best interests to obtain at least two estimations if you want to obtain the best price for your collection. It would help if you have an idea of what your collection is worth and how much you would like to sell it for. My advice would be to draw up a list of every individual item, no matter how large your collection and email it to as many people as possible.

I am based in south east London but am prepared to travel long distances for sizeable collections.

Good luck. (posted 9/1/15)




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Contact info:
Giorgio Pin
Phone - 020 3581 4540 (London, UK)